Vision and Mission

The Faith Baptist Church does not have as its mission to organize inert things, but to engender and develop life. It must be of this mindset before it bookcan be properly structured. If we enclose it too soon in a rigid framework, we risk limiting it or even suffocating it. Yet organization is necessary to arrive at a goal. Thus the goal is a priority and all means must be subordinate to it. The ideal organization is one that regulates the life of the congregation in such a way that gives God the most freedom and thwarts attacks from the enemy.

Because there is life, we have decided to organize the framework in which the church must develop to help it flourish. In the primitive church, there was certainly life. But where there is life, there are also problems. One of the problems that threatens to divide the church arose when the widows of the Greeks felt frustrated when it came time to distribute food. What did the apostles do? Some Christians would have said: Brothers, we wish to pray and place the question in the hands of the Lord. Certainly, the apostles prayed. But they did not stop there. They organized an election to designate those brothers capable of handling the problem (Ac. 6:2-5).

business-idea-680788_1280The Faith Baptist Church has as its objectives :

1. To persuade each individual to adopt a new way of life in communion with God and under His direction.

2. To continue to worship God publicly.

3. To promote Christian education.

4. To preach the gospel throughout the community and surrounding area (Mat. 28:19; Mk. 16:15-16).

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